You say that Louisa but I think apathy towards both parties and politics is general is more at play, as we reach the end of 30 year process of free market economy. People in general are poorer, not richer. People in general work harder and have less to show for it. And people in general see both the Tories AND Labour as responsible for getting us there.

If people really are influenced by the colour of a bus or the face Miliband pulls when he eats a bacon sandwich then it says more about how we relate to politicians than what we think about policy. And the media are culprits in it all.

Take for example one policy in Labours election manifesto. They are going to raise the minimum wage to 8 per hour. That will save the country billions from the working tax credits and housing benefit that other tax payers have to provide to subsidise low wages. The opposers would be able to make equally valid points on the impact on small business of that. There's an interesting debate to be had there from both sides of the fence. But we are not seeing the media deliver that debate to us. Instead all we get is cheap mockery, unless you are Nigel Farage that is, and soundbites. Where's the detail?