I'm also liaising with the Tree Dept and both ED and Village ward cllrs on updating the empty tree pit spreadsheet as there hasn't been a proper survey for a while now. I was going to start a thread like this, but I keep getting caught out by the CloudFlare problems. So this thread is very useful.

FYI, according to the last spreadsheet I updated, both 1 Glengarry and 86 (and also 45) Beauval are on the list to be replaced before the end of April. 1 Glengarry is to be a Prunus x Yedoensis (Japanese specimen cherry) the Beauval trees are to be Ginkgos to match the existing avenue.

But everything is on hold until the new treeplanting guide is approved... if the new specs for 1m x 1m pits are imposed, this could severely limit future replanting in Dulwich... in which case we might have to launch a new protest.